I bet that’s a headline you didn’t think you’d be seeing…?

When Obama congratulated the 2016 USA Olympic team in Washington last week he and Michelle were presented with two 6″0 thrusters shaped by Jon Pyzel.


Pyzel was approached by Hurley to make 50 boards to decorate the Olympic village with in Rio. He made 50 identical boards, copies of the boards that John John likes to ride, but 2 of them were sent to the President and First Lady.

The boards were painted by a graphic artist, JP Olson, which were then sent to the Museum of Modern Art in new York before being sent to the White House. They were aimed to be used as a conversation piece for the Rio Olympic Games, but then surfing was put on the balot for the Tokyo games so they were sent to the Obamas – one on behalf of the Olympic team and one on behalf of the Paralympic team.

Obama has a home in Hawaii and John John has previously said that he has seen Obama “around his neck of the woods on the North Shore”

Congratulations JP and Jon!