How to find sea glass in the UK – our first time

So we decided to do a bit of beach glass hunting after being totally inspired by instagram accounts making loads of cool stuff out of it. People make some amazing jewellery, decorations and loads more out of sea glass found all around the UK!

We decided a good place to go would be to Meadfoot in Torquay as we’d spotted that this is where people have found some cool glass before, however, after about half an hour we hadnt really found anything apart from some really small pieces. Initially we found nothing as, to be honest, we had no clue where to look or how best to spot them.

We found a few small pieces at Meadfoot but on our way home we decided to try another beach just around the bay, for no other reason than that it was easy to park by and get to! However, this beach was great and we found quite a few pieces! Also we had learnt from Meadfoot the best places to look and how to find glass amongst the rocks and sand.

From our experiences we have these top tips for looking for sea glass:

  1. Firstly, and most importantly, don’t give up!
  2. Look deeper than just on the surface of the beach, many may be hidden below
  3. Look in areas of other rocks – we found mainly smaller rocky areas were more successful
  4. Go when the tide has gone out, leaving all the glass behind
  5. Practice, practice practice – learn your beach and where the glass can be found
  6. Finally, enjoy it. If you don’t want to be finding sea glass you will get bored and give up without finding anything

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