The cream tea is a british classic in which nobody loves more than the Cornish and Devonians. Really the taste is no different and the ingredients are exactly the same so what’s the big deal?! However, both claim to be the home of the cream tea and both are importantly different…

The content of the sliced scone, jam and clotted cream will always remain a constant, however, it is the order in which these are assembled which makes all the difference.


Cream on the scone, and then the jam on top…

Devonians will claim that the cream tea originated from Tavistock Abbey in Devon in the 11th Century and a farm in Devon have even started a campaign to win European protection for the term “Devon cream tea” so that it has to be made the ‘Devon’ way.



However, the Cornish way – scone then jam, with cream on top


Despite this there is one thing that we can all agree with… never should a cream tea include butter?!?!

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