Debris from Halley’s comet can be seen from Earth every October, and now is the best time to see it! The 21st and 22nd of October is set to be the peak of the meteor shower for this year. However if you don’t get a chance then, the shower will continue until around the 2nd November.

Up to 30 meteors an hour are expected above the UK which makes now the best time to go and try to spot a shooting star. You can get great views of this from dark to the early hours of the morning. The fragments travel at around 66km a second and can be seen as they burn up brightly in the sky, but watch closely as they will only burn for a couple of seconds!

Keep an eye on this site for our pictures of the shower (if we can capture any)!

Meanwhile you can check out some of these snaps from instagram and make sure to comment with your top spotting destinations in Devon and Cornwall and share your snaps with us!