Tom Odell at Plymouth Pavillions

Tom Odell was at Plymouth Pavillions last weekend as part of his No Bad Days tour. He was also joined by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and Johnny Lloyd.

Tom’s new album ‘Wrong Crowd’ was released earlier this year and features some more upbeat songs than the previous album. The album was written in LA – a place Tom made home from late 2014. Some of the songs on this album are nothing like we have ever heard from Tom before, for example ‘Magnetised’, an upbeat, pop whirlwind. However, for this album it is the combination of the catchy piano riffs and honest lyrics which makes this album so much more than a repeat of the previous one.

“Really, I’d love to live in a time when music gave people a real sense of elevation. When my music is sad I want it to be REALLY sad. When it’s happy I want it to feel euphoric…I suppose I want the record to express the heightened feelings and emotions we all get in our lives.” Tom Odell speaking about his new album and tour.

You could easily assume that Tom may not be the best person to watch live as he’s constantly sat at his piano. This also wasn’t helped by the fact that Daxgvid Cameron (yawn) recently claimed to like the track ‘Grow Old With Me’. Despite this Tom is an enthusiastic performer, bouncing on his piano stool and even getting onto the piano a couple of times and leaving the piano to sing to the crowd.



Check out the setlist here

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