FISH (intermediate to advanced surfers)

  • similar to a shortboard but generally smaler in length
  • round nosed making it stable and maneuverable
  • perfect for small to medium waves


SHORTBOARD (intermediate to advanced surfers)

  • the shortboard or thruster is the most popular type of surfboard
  • good for quick maueuvers
  • this design can also come in a longboard size – called a Gun – suitable for big drops and high speeds (advanced surfers)


FUNBOARD (beginners to intermediate surfers)

  • similar to a longboard but generally smaller in length
  • it can come in a variety of shapes
  • good transition board from a longboard


LONGBOARD (beginners)

  • a longboard or (mini) mal is a wide, stable board
  • lots of flotation
  • good for catching all kinds of wave


So, the top tips for finding your magic board:

  1. Get a board that is long enough – choose something that floats! This is essential for gaining speed in the water and volume is super important.
  2. Don’t just ride what the pros ride – no offence, but they are pro for a reason.
  3. Try something different – used to riding a standard thruster? Why not switch things up and try out a fish? Try your friends boards, try everything you can, all shapes and sizes.