When I began surfing I never thought I needed a dryrobe, could I have been more wrong?

Forget the days of cold, damp changing robes. The dryrobe is the ultimate changing robe, with a waterproof shell and wooly inside, pockets and a hood. Perfect for when you’re trying to get changed in a car park in the middle of the Great British winter sheltering behind your car.

The dryrobe is also not just great as a changing robe, but also just to wear before getting in the sea due to the windproof outer shell. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes which makes it versatile for many different people across many sports, but don’t be afraid of looking like an idiot when its super-sized, this is what it’s supposed to be like!

The dryrobe may be more than twice the price of many other changing robes, however it is 100% worth it, so much that after getting our hands on our first one, we just had to have another! Plus, whats even better is that dryrobe is a local company from North Devon.