So we had a nice shiny panel van but really needed some windows in to make it a real camper van. There are really 2 choices with this; either fit the windows yourself, or get somebody else to do it professionally. Although expensive, we decided that it would be better for us to get somebody else to fit the windows, we were definately not confident enough to cut holes in the side of the van and it’s really important not to get this part wrong, it could cause all kind of issues when it rains!

On a T5 it is normal to find a bonded window, so you have the choice between the standard or the privacy glass. We went for the privacy glass and its perfect. It’s still plenty light enough to see out from inside the van but unless you are stood straight on with the window you cannot see in at all. I would highly recommend this kind of window, they also look great from the outside too!

If you fancy fitting the windows yourself there are some great guides online, especially on youtube so make sure to do plenty of research and planning before starting to cut the holes!