So when we picked up our van we thought it was perfect, clean and tidy. How wrong we were…

When removing the ply line kit already installed it was filthy! We spent around 2 hours cleaning out the floor and all of the sides of the inside of the van and found all sorts; money, grass, the expected building materials and a whole lot of mud and dirt. It’s really important to get this all out at an early stage as you don’t get the chance again!


When you want to remove the sections under the ply or the roof you can twist a screw into the holes of the clips and simply pull them out. This will mean that the clips will be undamaged and so will the ceiling.


Once we had taken out all of the ply and we started at the top, near the bulkhead, and worked towards the back doors using soapy water and then a rinse. I would recommend leaving the bulkhead in until you have done this to protect the front seats.


Once we had washed the interior and all the dust had settled it then needed another sweep out before we could start on any proper work, you don’t want any dirt trapped behind something you are never going to remove!


When you remove the bulkhead there will be a trim going all down the sides of the van and spot welded to the floor. The top section can be removed simply by un-clipping the side panel by the seatbelt and unscrewing it. However, the bar across the floor will need angle grinding off, however, it should only be spot welded so isn’t too much hard work. There are some great videos on how to do this on YouTube so definitely check those out!