Sound dampening is pretty important when you want to change the use of your van from a commerical one into a leisure van. You want to give your van a more car like feeling and make it sound not so tin-like.

We looked at a lot of the specialist made products on the internet but could’nt really justify spending the amount of money that they were suggesting. Therefore we went for a bitumen tape on the floors, walls and ceiling.


The tape didnt cover the floor as when we did our research we found that once you had reached a certain amount of coverage then any more didn’t actually increase the dampening at all. We used 1 whole roll of this stuff on all panels and the floor. This also helped to fill the gaps in between the grooves on the floor of the van.

A lot of people use a dodomat to sound dampen their van so if you have a slightly larger budget then maybe look into this. However, just remember that is unlikely that you will get the change to redo this as it will soon be covered by the ply, which would be a pain to rip up.