beach break: devon and cornwall.


Other Adventures

The low-down on stand up paddle boards

So if you're lucky enough to live by the sea but unlucky enough to not have any waves then this could still mean a lot of travelling to catch a decent surfing wave. Or maybe there is a flat period... Continue Reading →

Community Weekend at the Eden Project

Every winter the Eden Project offer a series of free entry weekends for the local people in certain groups in Devon and Cornwall, yay! Save yourself the usual entry fee of £25 per adult and it's also free entry for... Continue Reading →

October Meteor Shower

Debris from Halley's comet can be seen from Earth every October, and now is the best time to see it! The 21st and 22nd of October is set to be the peak of the meteor shower for this year. However if you... Continue Reading →

The Cream Tea

The cream tea is a british classic in which nobody loves more than the Cornish and Devonians. Really the taste is no different and the ingredients are exactly the same so what's the big deal?! However, both claim to be... Continue Reading →

How to find sea glass in the UK – our first time

So we decided to do a bit of beach glass hunting after being totally inspired by instagram accounts making loads of cool stuff out of it. People make some amazing jewellery, decorations and loads more out of sea glass found all... Continue Reading →

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