beach break: devon and cornwall.



The ‘September Swell’ is upon us

September/October are magical months of surfing for us, not only on the swell side of things but also because of those external factors that all contribute to our experience. The water’s still kind of warm, though the air might not... Continue Reading →

What’s on at the Boardmasters Surf Competition

Boardmasters is part of the World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying Series and therefore showcases lots of local talent as well as travelling surfers who are looking to qualify for the World Championship Tour. How it works... There are two main... Continue Reading →

Jack O’Neill Memorial Paddle Out

On Sunday 9th July 2017, O’Neill would like to invite everyone to join a paddle out in celebration of Jack O’Neill’s life & adventures. From Santa Cruz to Cornwall, O’Neill will honour the legacy of Jack O'Neill with numerous paddle... Continue Reading →

Storm Doris could bring 20ft+ waves to Devon and Cornwall

Britain could be battered by 70mph winds at the end of this week and weather warnings are likely to be issued all across the country! The storm is building up due to the low pressure in the Atlantic and the jet... Continue Reading →

Dryrobe Review: the ultimate changing robe

When I began surfing I never thought I needed a dryrobe, could I have been more wrong? Forget the days of cold, damp changing robes. The dryrobe is the ultimate changing robe, with a waterproof shell and wooly inside, pockets... Continue Reading →

SurfEars 2.0 Review: the ultimate surfing earplug

Surfer’s Ear is a common condition that the majority of surfers are aware of but mainly fail to do anything about. We all know we should look after our ears and it doesn't feel that great when your entire ear is full of... Continue Reading →

ever wondered what the difference between all the board shapes are?

FISH (intermediate to advanced surfers) similar to a shortboard but generally smaler in length round nosed making it stable and maneuverable perfect for small to medium waves   SHORTBOARD (intermediate to advanced surfers) the shortboard or thruster is the most... Continue Reading →

Why surf is the key to Boardmasters

Boardmasters is one of our favourite events of the whole year. You've got the music, the atmosphere, the location and also the extra addition of a WSL surf competition. What more could you possibly ask for? "Surfing is like the... Continue Reading →

Sabre Norris is back…

She's back with her new interview on the Ellen Show...

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